Emperor of the [[Southern Eladrin Republic]] (S.E.R.)




[/h2] Dimitri is a demented and corrupt leader. He is an eladrin of a tall slender stature. He is considered handsome, and even charismatic. But it often seems as if he has not a care in the world. He is an eccentric one, more interested in the arts then government. He rely’s on his brother Content Not Found: Dimiscus to deal with political affairs.

Dimitri is famous for his powerful control magic. He entices people with his magical harp, and entrances people with his paintings. Those who spend time with him find his personality to be overbearing, and leave the encounter with a since of wonder and amazement. However it is also clear that he is batshit crazy.The people consider him a joke of a leader and often refer to him as ‘Dimitri the Demented’

Dimitri’s father Cassius DeWinter was a mediocre leader, however the Republic showed great improvement under his reign. When Cassius died Dimitri took control of the government.

[h2] Political [/h2] Dimitri has created an abundance of enemies in the S.E.R. since he took power. Dimitri launched a war against the “Barbaric plains people” in order to expand the Republics territory. Although Dimitri is the heart of this war, it is Dimiscus who is the brains.

Although Dimitri is somewhat charismatic, it has won him no favor in political eyes. Under his reign the empire has expanded it’s boundaries, but has economically declined. Dimitri has thusfar shown us very little of his political prowess, but has only spent 8 short months in office.


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